Duin en Strand | Rules

Rules at the motorhome site

There are some rules attached to staying at Camperplaats Brouwersdam, to keep everything on track. The most important rules are listed below.

Duin Strand camping 2 3781

  1. Clean chemical toilet buckets only at the designated place.
  2. It is forbidden to clean fish, vegetables, etc. in the toilet blocks.
  3. Dispose of household rubbish in tied-up rubbish bags in the (underground) rubbish container at the Environmental Zone.
  4. Every camper is obliged to keep his rented pitch and the immediate surroundings clean.
  5. Open fires on the grass are strictly prohibited. Barbecues off the grass, not too close to tents. Torches and campfires are not allowed. Fire extinguishers within reach (bucket of water). Any damage to the campsite and/or third parties will be charged to the (co-)tenant.
  6. It is expressly forbidden to dig on the camper van pitch, even when it is raining.
  7. At a number of pitches, one car may be parked; several cars remain in the car park.
  8. A car/motorbike/scooter may only be driven at walking pace on the site.
  9. Radio, TV or music at a low volume, only for yourself and not for the neighbours. If the music system or part of it is taken over because it is too loud or is on during the night (23:00-09:00), €50.00 will be deducted from the deposit for handling costs.
  10. Night rest from 23:00 h to 09:00 h.
  11. It is forbidden to be in possession of drugs, including soft drugs. Offenders will be immediately removed from the campsite.
  12. The use of electric heaters and the charging of electric cars/motorhomes on the pitch is not allowed (due to electricity grid capacity). A charging station is available for a fee.
  13. Instructions given by or on behalf of the management must be followed without fail.
  14. Any person who misbehaves in any way, in the opinion of the management of Camperplaats Brouwersdam and/or fails to comply with the rules, will be removed from the camper van site without reimbursement of camping fees and/or deposit.